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These are the applications that have grown the most in 2021

The growing use of mobile phones in all aspects of daily life has helped companies in all sectors to adapt to this reality, with the development of mobile platforms that streamline interaction between customers and companies.

New applications are born every day and with them analysis spaces that reveal which are the most used and which are the most popular and useful. Smartme Analytics, an observational data firm, analyzes which mobile applications are growing the most with its Index SFIx, a ranking that makes a photograph of the 50 apps that have grown the most between November 2020 and November 2021 through continuous monitoring of a representative community of 12,000 users.

According to the Smartme ranking, it is My Health, the application of the Catalan Health System, the one that has grown the most, achieving a score of 196.57 in SFIx, followed by HBO Max (146.97) and (146.65). Up to the 10th place we find the applications of Google Pay (94.28), Bolt (92.13), Petroprix (90.54), GVA + Salut (83.86), Tik Tok (83.64), Revolut ( 82.37) and CaixaBank (78.78).

Analyzing by market penetration, it is the Aliexpress application that accumulates the highest percentage of users: 45.7% of the digital population, followed by Telegram (42.1%) and Tiktok (41.9%). Continue this top 10 SHEIN (52.13), CaixaBank (78.78), Lidl Plus (11.31), Imagin (56.98), Burger King (19.02), Coinbase (28.56) and My Calendar (26.90).

Effects of the pandemic

The year 2021, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, has streamlined the digitization processes of health services and the development of applications that are very popular today, as is the case in Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Castilla y León.

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La Meva Salud in Catalonia, GVA + Salut in the Valencian Community and SACYL CONECTA in Castilla y León, occupy the first, seventh and twentieth position of the Top 50. The case of the app of Catalan health that is positioned as the mobile application that grew the most in Spain during 2021. Despite its great growth, market penetration is not higher than 5% for any of them, being again La Meva Salut who accumulates more percentage of users with 4%.

Travel sector

Important growths have also occurred in travel-related applications. Of the 50 best positioned in the ranking, 10 are from this sector, with Booking who stands out as the third app that grows the most with a score of 146.65. We also find others such as Ryanair, Skyscanner, Blablacar, Omio or eDreams. This growth can be attributed in part to the lifting of leisure and mobility restrictions, which triggered bookings in the last quarter of the year, as well as the fact that many of them have functioned as a directory of restrictions to facilitate the organization of trips during this year.

The most used

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Of the 50 applications included in this index, 8 belong to the financial sector (Google Pay, Revolut, CaixaBank, Imagin, Rebellion Pay, Unicaja Banco, N26 and Liberbank) and three of them are neobanks (Revolut, Rebellion Pay and N26).

For its part, the telco sector places another 8 of the 50 applications that grow the most, with Simyo standing out in the 15th position with a score of 55.86. Among these applications, only that of Mi Orange with 23.06 points in position number 41 is a traditional network operator, the rest are applications of virtual operators such as DIGI, Lowi, Más Móvil, Virgin Telco, O2 or Jazztel.

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