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There’s still more! Smash Bros. Ultimate will celebrate 35 years of Street Fighter with surprise | Levelup

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Nintendo announced a few months ago the latest DLC fighter from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which meant that development had come to an end and the fighting title would no longer receive new content. Well, apparently Masahiro Sakurai and his development team would not pass up the opportunity to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter with a surprise.

As we tell you, Street Fighter in mid-2022 he will be 35 years old since the premiere of his first title. For this reason, Capcom prepares surprises and one is related to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, who will be supported by an iconic character from the series.

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How to get Evil Ryu on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Today, January 11, through the Japanese account of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo confirmed that it will take Evil Ryu to the title of fights on the occasion of the next anniversary of Street Fighter. As on previous occasions, this character will be present in the game in the form of a Spirit, who will be able to support the players in the campaign mode.

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Evil Ryu will be a Neutral-type character, but he will have great power, since he is a Legendary spirit. At maximum level, Evil Ryu will have 4826 units of power. Evil Ryu’s art will be the one that appears in Ultra Street Fighter II.

As on previous occasions, this new Spirit will be added as part of a new Spirit Event, which will be themed with Street Fighter. So, to achieve this you will have to be aware of the Spirit Board and wait for this Spirit to appear to challenge it. Evil Ryu will come to life through Ryu, so you will have to defeat this fighter before trying to obtain it.

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What did you think of this new Spirit? Did you expect that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate received one more surprise? Tell us in the comments.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more about him if you visit his file or if you consult our written review.

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