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The Witcher: Season 2 has been one of the most successful Netflix shows | Levelup

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December of last year was a month highly anticipated by fans of The Witcher, because Season 2 of the successful series of the franchise, an adaptation of the books that is paid for by Netflix, was released. Well, the season has already been on the platform for 1 month and has reconfirmed that it is one of the Netflix projects that generates the most interest in its subscribers.

Season 2 of The Witcher It debuted on Friday, December 17 and precisely on January 13, it will complete its first 28 days on the platform. The good news was immediate, as official Netflix figures reveal that it was the most watched in December and not only that, but it has also become one of the most successful seasons of any series on the platform.

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The Witcher: Temporada 2 triumphed at its premiere

According to Netflix, the debut month of the new season of The Witcher it was very good. With this week, The Witcher: Temporada 2 It has now been on the list of the most watched English-language TV shows on the platform for 4 weeks, which means that it has not left the first places since its premiere. Just last week it logged 57,340,000 hours viewed.

In total, the series has already accumulated more than 462,500,000 hours seen since its debut (in its first 28 days). Although the amount was not enough to achieve what Season 1 achieved (541,010,000 hours watched), there is no doubt that it is very good and it served to place it in the 8th position of the most watched English-speaking shows in its first month on Netflix.

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10 most-watched English-language shows on Netflix in their first month

  • Bridgerton: Season 1 — 625,490,000
  • Stranger Things 3 — 582,100,000
  • The Witcher: Temporada 1 — 541,010,000
  • 13 Reasons Why: Temporada 2 — 496,120,000
  • 13 Reasons Why: Temporada 1 — 475,570,000
  • Things to Clean: Miniseries — 469,090,000
  • You: Temporada 3 — 467,830,000
  • The Witcher: Temporada 2 — 462,500,000
  • You: Temporada 2 — 457,370,000
  • Stranger Things 2 — 427,440,000

What do you think of the achievement of the new season of The Witcher? Did you contribute to the figure? What did you think of the new content? Tell us in the comments.

In case you missed it: Netflix has already confirmed that there will be a third season of The Witcher, as well as other adaptations.

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