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The time has come! You can now play PUBG for free on consoles and PC | Levelup

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It’s been a few years since the debut of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS it marked the beginning of the rise of Battle Royale and although it did not become the most successful game, it has remained in the taste of millions of players. An important part of this type of proposal is its ability to adapt to changes and today the era in which you had to pay to play it finally ended, because, it is official, PUBG ya es free-to-play.

PUBG It is now free-to-play and you can download it on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

As reported, January 12 would be the day that PUBG: Battlegrounds it would become a free game on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, but due to time differences, from today it is possible to obtain it in the respective digital stores of each platform without spending anything. The bet of PUBG: Battlegrounds For free-to-play it has been considered a logical step since its competitors are too.

PUBG ya es free-to-play

The new stage of PUBG as a free game has started

Taking into account who bought PUBG: Battlegrounds At the time, Krafton opened a registry where users can confirm their purchase to receive some items as compensation and will even have Battlegrounds Plus, a package with attractive content with which Krafton hopes to partially monetize the game in this new stage.

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So if you ever had the desire to play PUBG: Battlegrounds You can do it now, so head to your Xbox, PlayStation or PC to join the free-for-all.

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