Friday, September 30

The Cleaner, a game inspired by John Wick and Hotline Miami announced

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Keanu Reeves in the saga John Wick, go preparing your best suit and making yourself comfortable. This week we have heard the announcement of The Cleaner, a video game that Dystopia Corp has been working on for the last 3 and a half years. Influenced also by video games in the style of Hotline Miami The SuperHot, this project is presented as a “fast and intense SPF” where we will play a cleaner. As you can imagine, we are not exactly going to clean the dust. We leave you with its advances where two of its game modes are shown:

The Cleaner, the game where you will not precisely clean the dust

And what is a cleanser exactly? Well, it is not one of those robotic and intelligent vacuum cleaners, really. As revealed by Dystopia Corp in its press release, a cleaner is more of a killing machine that has been trained to kill and has the ability to slow down time… and thus skew the lives of everything that is put in front of it. The surprise here is that this time slowdown does not affect the user, so the player “can move and interact with their environment at a normal rate.”

The bulk of The Cleaner settles on one goal: to take down the person behind the world’s largest child trafficking ring. But, while that is the purpose of the story, the truth is that Dystopia Corp maintains that your project bets more on playability, in the mechanics and, why not say it, making smoke come out of our guns until we are comfortable. As in the photo that we leave you below:

We will be a cleaner, a machine trained to kill and capable of slowing down time

The Cleaner focuses primarily on the game without a boring cliché storyline, “they state in the press release. Described as a project die n retry, the approach of the title is that we start the game and give free rein to the action, without cutscenes that break the rhythm. Think fast, kill and die are the three pillars of its gameplay: “One bullet is enough to kill you, so use your power to slow down time to kill your enemies.”

Also, recharging is a thing of the past: in The Cleaner we will borrow the weapons of our enemies … and continue to make our way. The game is currently at 99% state, so we can probably know its release date for PC soon. Meanwhile, we leave you with your Steam.

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