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Tales of Arise’s visual style will be used in upcoming games, but not remakes.

Tales of Arise It was released last September and although it is still too early to talk about upcoming Bandai Namco RPGs, the game’s producer -Yusuke Tomizawa- has given some clues about the future of the saga or at least its graphic aspect: the team continue to use the Atmospheric Shaders.

Bandai Namco described this shading as “a new kind of shader inspired by anime aesthetics and watercolor illustrations “which received good reviews with Tales of Arise and turned it into the Tales of most spectacular to date. Tomizawa tells famitsu magazine that Atmospheric Shaders will return in upcoming RPGs and they are currently working on an improved version although he may not be ready for the next game.

The article also leaves a strange message: the producer mentions that they will not be used for remakes. At the moment there are no remakes announced, something that has been interpreted as some new kind of remastering of the saga similar to what we saw in 2019 with Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition. Maybe a collection with the two Tales of Xillia de PlayStation 3?

In this same interview Tomizawa shows your desire to display some of the events that do not appear in Tales of Arise, like Alphen’s past, but does not reveal if he is preparing an anime based on the game.

The graphic jump of Tales of Arise

“With regard to its graphic section we have very good news, because the quality jump that has hit technically with respect to Tales of Berseria It is gigantic “, we count in his analysis.” It is noted that the budget of this delivery has been much greater than that of most of its predecessors, something that is very evident in its spectacular models and animations, on the scale that has been given to the world, in the amount of effects it gets to put on screen and in the brilliant video sequences generated with the engine itself, things that its stunning art direction with just perfect character design and that exudes personality on all four sides “.

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