Friday, September 30

Strange Horticulture already has a release date • Console and Dashboard

Strange Horticulture It will be ready in this month of January, complying with the established deadlines. It will arrive on the 21st of this month on PC, through Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store.


Iceberg Interactive and Bad Viking sign a puzzle game, which puts us in front of a plant shop. As owners, we will need to find new plants and identify ourselves, without forgetting to “pet the cat”, as its creators point out.

The plant collection will have the power to influence history and even unravel the mysteries of Undermere. We are facing a peculiar town surrounded by forests and witch infested. Among the possibilities, we can interact with a coven or join a cult.

Strange customers will pass through the store, shedding details about the mystery that seems to have originated hundreds of years ago. The exploration will be essential, although with care, since not all areas are friendly. It wouldn’t be strange to lose your head completely …

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