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Stage 10 of the Dakar Rally, live

La stage 10 of the 2022 Dakar Rally be to the antepenltima. With varied terrain and difficult navigation at the end. Al-AttiyahDespite his sanction, he defends the lead in cars. Loeb must attack. Also Sainz, to seek partial triumph. Open track From Villiers. On motorcycles, Cornejo be the spearhead and Walkner new leadership.

8:54: Sainz, firm at km 170

Carlos passes and gets 1 in the absence of Peterhansel. It very little increases your advantage. He scores 34 on Lategan, 1:09 on Loeb and 1:46 on Al-Attiyah. As you can see, Nasser loses half a minute with Seb ah. All controlled

8:50: Motorcycle flying … abandonment

Noah watches as his Hero, who dumped him, is evacuated. Technical KO

8:44: Peterhansel overtakes Sainz

The French improves what Carlos did at km 128 and leaves him at 14 seconds. The Frenchman gave him 21 seconds in this area

8:43: Santolino is still solid

Lorenzo reaches km 258 at 3:44 from Price. He only gave up 20 seconds with the Australian in this area. The one in Guijuelo is going great

8:33: Price can with Quintanilla

In motorcycles, the Australian improves the Chilean’s time at km 258 by 32 seconds. Ah endorse 4:54 to Barreda. Toby aims for stage win, but is far off overall

8:24: As iba Al-Attiyah

Butt. There are fast zones

8:21 am: Santolino goes to ms

On motorcycles, Lorenzo did not get lost and passes through km 213 at 3:17 of the best ah, which was Quintanilla. Cruising speed Let’s go

8:16: Sainz stays up

Carlos reaches km 85 and resists in the first place. Peterhansel limited him only one second, with which Madrid dominates by 7. Lategan endorses 19 (4 ms), Loeb, 49 (14 ms) and Al-Attiyah, 1:01 (40 ms). Good

8:08: Loeb already makes time for Al-Attiyah

Both arrive at km 85 of the special and now Lategan leads as De Villiers opens. The young man puts 1 second to Ekstrom, 30 to Loeb and 42 to Al-Attiyah-. The Frenchman has endorsed 25 seconds in this quarter to Qatar and now he will give him time. Foul Sainz

8:02: Barreda makes up time

Walkner opened the trail … and he missed something. Joan overtook him again and now he only yields 2:12 with the Austrian. It can be seen that Cornejo and Brabec also took time away from the Central European. The Castellón lose more with the rest, but it is not bad. Good news

7:55: Peterhansel can’t with Sainz

The Frenchman passes 8 seconds behind Carlos, who is first at km 42. The good start of Madrid in cars is confirmed

7:51: Sainz, 1

Carlos reaches the first referral and does so in command. He puts 9 seconds on his partner in Audi Ekstrom. Good. Peterhansel is missing, from among those who can beat him

7:48: Discreet start for Loeb and Al-Attiyah

Both arrive at km 42, the first crossing point, and dominates … Ekstrom. He gives De Villiers 4 seconds, Lategan 6, Nasser 13 and Seb 26. Therefore, Qatar endorses 13 to the French. Foul Sainz

7:45: The motorcycle special ‘breaks’

It paints that there have been navigation errors. Cornejo no longer opens. On the contrary, he leaves 17:24 with Quintanilla, who now commands. It seems that on the track it goes to the Walkner command. Brabec also lost a lot. They come ‘minute’. Da important

7:36: Problems for Barreda

Something happened to Joan on the way to km 213 because now he is not leading. Walkner does it, who has passed the Spaniard on the track and takes him out no less than 4:23, when before Joan put him a minute and a half. Either it fell or it was lost. What a shame

7:32: Santolino, at his own pace

Lorenzo, temperate type where they exist, does not force and goes as it suits him. Reach km 170 at 3:52 from Barreda. A minute has been left in this section, but like many

7:30 am: SALE SAINZ

Carlos starts in a good place, sixth and after Loeb, to attack the stage win. Let’s see if he doesn’t have many setbacks because he believes that the Audi has improved over the days and in light of the problems that were emerging.

7:23: Theater coup on quads

Copetti, the only one who could disturb Giroud, has broken the engine of his Yamaha and is out. The French has everything in hand to win. Spaniard Lex Feliu fights to finish

7:22: Postcard

Sand, sun … and motorcycles. Perfect

7:18: Horror movie

Great photo of ASO

7:16: The cars start

Giniel de Villiers, the first out. Let’s remember that yesterday, at the last minute, they sanctioned Al-Attiyah and in the general ‘only’ he takes 34 minutes from Loeb.

7:15 am: Santolino is not going badly

Lorenzo reached km 128 and lost 2:50 with Barreda. At times and distances similar to others who are in the ‘top 10’


According to the organization, the Argentine has not been able to repair his KTM and has given up. Stick for the last winner in motorcycles, which will not be able to repeat

6:53: Barreda, what a beast

Joan reaches km 170 and expands rents to the beast. He has already scored 1:32 to leader Walkner (more than a minute more), 1:11 to Cornejo (45 seconds more) and 2:08 to Brabec (more than half a minute more). Brutal

6:47: Petrucci, warming up

It’s still cold in this Dakar

6:45: Kevin Benavides stopped and gave 10 minutes

Stick for the Argentine. According to the organization, he had to stop at km 133. He was stopped for 10 minutes. You can go the Dakar with this

6:42: The eyes that have seen it all on the Dakar

A unique case. A report by Enrique Naranjo: The eyes that have seen it all in the Dakar

6:28: Acceptable start of Santolino

The man from Salamanca reaches the first checkpoint, km 42 and does so at 1:03 from Barreda. Must overtake motorcycles with dust. Attack

6:26: Barreda, sign up

Joan and the others arrive at km 128 and the one in Torreblanca remains in front. Walkner files two seconds, to leave the rent at 21, but with the rest he expands it: 39 to Cornejo (27 ms) or 47 with Kevin (39 ms). The thing is not bad

6:10: Price needs a hit

The three-time winner of the event must make a total attack to regain his options. Here, going out

6:04: Barreda is still going strong

Joan, and the first to leave, reach km 85 and the Spaniard remains in front. He gives 12 seconds to Cornejo, who has recovered, 18 to Kevin (11 more than before) and 23 to Walkner (also 11 more). Good

6:02: Sanctioned Santolino leaves

Lorenzo had to change the engine of his Sherco and that costs him 15 minutes in the general classification. It’s already 12 to almost 42 minutes. His top 10 is getting tougher every day. Today starts far back: 25. Must go back

6:00: Giemza draws with Barreda

Yes, Giemza, the Pole. Neither Quintanilla, nor Van Beveren … It is the modest Central European private who equals Joan at km 42. Surprise to start

5:50: Sale Sunderland

Sam may be one of the great beneficiaries of today’s stage. Back 15 behind the very speedy young Mason Klein and he can cut back a lot. Eye with him

5:42: Barreda starts great

Great start for Joan, who tentatively puts first at km 42. He puts 7 seconds to Kevin Benavides and 12 to leader Walkner. Let’s go

5:38: Car hours

The first to start will be De Villiers, at 7:15. Al-Attiyah and Loeb will soon follow. Carlos Sainz leaves at 7:30

5:36: The classic photos of the classics

It goes ASO. From yesterday’s stage

5:34: Kevin already cuts Cornejo

It’s the logical thing to do. The Argentine is 19 seconds better than the Chilean at the first checkpoint, at km 42. Nacho opens the track and it will be a difficult day for him. We will see the rest

5:26: Sale Barreda

Joan starts in a very good position to gain time, fifth, as others like Cornejo, Kevin Benavides and Brabec will open the track. The bad thing for the Spaniard is that leader Walkner started right ahead, so cutting him off a lot would be difficult. To see how your physique resists

5:17: Petrucci won everyone again

This he did at the end of yesterday’s special. Some Saudi children were hallucinating. Big

5:14: The desert, from the helicopter

We take off

5:10: The motorcycles leave

Nacho Cornejo, yesterday’s winner, starts. The first 10 depart every three minutes, every 2 from 10 to 20 and each after.

The stage 10 of the 2022 Dakar Rally take the caravan from Wadi Ad Dawasir to Bisha (with 374 timed kilometers plus another 360 in links), the city around which the final destination of the test will be decided. The terrain through which the day will pass will be mostly sand, with approximately a third of dirt tracks, dunes (although less than in previous days) and some areas of stones. Initially the pilots will ride through sectors with soft dunes and sandy plains. After those first 50 kilometers, a faster area becomes more difficult after km 75, where they will enter tracks between valleys, mountains and off-piste areas. In the final part, a technical area will be combined on a mountain track with many stones to finish in sandy valleys and a complicated navigation area.


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