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South Park parodied reality show star to get her own video game series | Levelup

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In the United States there are celebrities of all kinds. Some that are respected internationally for their talent and others that are loved for the good times of involuntary comedy that they have put us through. Regardless of why they are popular, the important thing is that they have a following and, in many cases, that means money.

It is precisely because of the above that it is funny, but not surprising to learn that a reality show star from the United States will make the leap into the world of video games. This thanks to an agreement in which several games inspired by him will be developed.

We are talking about Duane Chapman, better known for Dog the Bounty Hunter, star of the reality show Dog the bounty hunter, a series that was on the air for 8 years in the United States. Although in this part of the world he is not so well known, you probably locate Chapman by the parody that South Park made of him in episode 10 of his season 10.

Chapman recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Virtual Interactive Technologies. This for the development of video games based on his character. At the moment there is not much information about the type of games that will come out of this alliance, but it is expected that they will be mobile games.

Chapman says it will be in the “next few months” when we have more details about their games. Considering that his show was about catching people who were escaping the law, we think it will be a production with a lot of emotion and family drama.

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“After years of sharing my life on television, I am excited to bring my stories and experiences to the video game environment. I am excited to be working with Virtual Interactive Technologies and their experienced team, ”explained Chapman.

How about? Do you think that something of quality is going to come out of all this? Tell us in the comments.

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