Wednesday, August 17

Shadow Warrior 3 will be 8 hours long, 60 times less than Dying Light 2

Shadow Warrior 3 It may not have appeared in our ranking with the 22 most anticipated video games of 2022 but, without a doubt, it is one of those titles awaited by fans of frenzied classic shooters who want to get caught up in this title developed by Flying Wild Hog.

Precisely Their creators They have taken advantage of the commotion that has been formed during the last days with Dying Light 2 and its duration to announce through Twitter that Shadow Warrior 3 It can be completed in about 8 hours once we have the game in our possession … although we still do not know what the release date is.

Specifically, Flying Wild Hog published a tweet yesterday afternoon in which it indicated that Shadow Warrior 3 will occupy us 500 hours of our lives … if we want to complete it 60 times. That is to say, with some quick mathematics what they have told us is that the shooter lasts about 8 hours approximately, data that, as always, can vary depending on our ability with this type of games or the level of difficulty.

The Dying Light 2 500 Hour Thing

Flying Wild Hog has wanted to take advantage of all the controversy that has surrounded Dying Light 2, one of the most anticipated titles of this 2022 that A few days ago he published on his social networks that, to complete the game, players will need 500 hours investment.

Obviously this news generated a lot of excitement on the network, Forcing Techland to qualify his words, pointing out that those 500 hours are to complete the game 100% with all the endings and different decisions while if we want to enjoy only the campaign and the secondary ones, it is 80 hours of play and, whatever we want To complete the campaign alone, the duration will be 20 hours.

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