Tuesday, October 4

Salt and Pepper Games prepares another three portfolio games • Console and Board

Salt and Pepper Games will continue to bet on the wallet format in its table games. The publisher is working on three new titles, of which the first details have already been finalized. We are before Films, Insurmountable Y The valley of death.


Films, Insurmountable Y The valley of death they are presented as the three new projects of Salt and Pepper Games. There are three portfolio games, which will resort to a joint financing search campaign, with Verkami as the chosen platform. The start is scheduled for February.


José Ramón Palacios (La Viña, Luna Capital) is in charge of this game, illustrated by LittleNessa. Two players compete within the film industry, as directors of two large studios.

The advancement of streaming platforms has meant that Hollywood dispenses with its major producers. We will be part of the fight to restore splendor to the industry, seeking highest grossing movie. There will be no shortage of stones on the way, since there will be a lot at stake.

Through 18 letters, and a simultaneous action selection system, we will hire the best professionals. We will also need the perfect script and win the most prestigious awards, while avoiding problems and negative reviews. Whoever has sold the most tickets to their film can claim victory.

As a curiosity, he is the winner of the prototype contest organized by the publisher. It becomes the first self-produced game with the portfolio format, since until now, they had all been licenses. It will consist of the expansion Cinema studios and of a solo modality.

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From the cinema of Films, we went to the heights. In Impassable, by Scott Almes, we will have the mission of climb the most imposing mountain (and dangerous) of all. The one where the roads change as we ascend, confusing the most absent-minded.

The conquest of this peak is carried out alone, since we are facing a challenge for one player. In it, we will build a route that connects the base and the peak, managing the base camp cards in the best possible way. The experience is completed with the expansions Double peak Y The great ascent, included. Christy Johnson is in charge of illustrations.

The valley of death

The valley of death

Kevin Ellenburg signs this other game for two, illustrated by Fachri Maulana, which turns us into adventurers. The mission? Document a dangerous trip through the Death Valley National Park. The beauty is incalculable, but so are the obstacles (heat included).

We will need to highlight the best places, as well as its most emblematic animals. To do this, we will resort to luck management and scenario construction mechanics. It will be in each turn when we assign a letter to the trip or to the scrapbook, according to the effects. If possible, without dying trying. It will include solo mode and expansion Panamint City.


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