Tuesday, October 4

Pokémon premieres a short of Bidoof, one of the most loved pokémon by fans

Pokmon It is one of the sagas that has most marked the childhood of many of us who were conquered by the magic of Pikachu and other of the many fantastic creatures created by Game Freak that have been around in the world of video games for more than 25 years.

Today, The Pokmon Company has published a new very special short focused on Bidoof, a pokmon that we first discovered in the Fourth Generation and that has become one of the most popular and loved by fans of the saga, especially as a result of his appearance in Pokémon Go, a game in which he became an involuntary protagonist thanks to many memes created using this great mouse of the normal type.

The short dedicated to Bidoof has been titled as “Bidoof’s great trip” and in it we will see a pokmon of this type that is quite clumsy and that is in a complicated situation that leads him to undertake a journey to find his place in the world during the eight minutes that the video lasts:

Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the next installment of the saga

This Bidoof video helps us to liven up the wait from Leyendas Pokmon: Arceus, the next game in the series that will go on sale for Nintendo Switch January 28 and that will take us to the Sinnoh region in a feudal time and in which we will see how they bet on a three-dimensional open world and on new capture and combat mechanics that seek to renew the saga, separating “Pokémon Legends” from the most popular games. traditional mainstream Pokémon.

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What is your favorite Pokémon? Did you like this short focused on Bidoof?


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