Friday, September 30

One to one of Real Madrid vs Barcelona: comments and live evaluations

Lhe first semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup measures Madrid against Barcelona. Ancelotti’s team starts with the favorite poster for several reasons: the abysmal difference in the League, the feelings of the two teams, because it has prevailed in the last four Classics …


He appears in the Super Cup several steps ahead of Ter Stegen. Twice Luuk de Jong tests his head, and both times the Dutchman finds the Belgian in his place. The tying goal is received after a rebound impossible to foresee. The high pressure of Barcelona forces him to start more than usual.


He returns to the team after an absence of almost a month. As soon as he is, Ancelotti sends him to the front. Every move of his makes it clear that there is no debate when he is right on that side. Better upward than defensive reads. Suffer at the beginning of the second part.


The pessimistic defense enters the team before the inconvenience of Alaba. The first blow of the game is for him. Trouble reading what Luuk de Jong is doing. On the verge of the Dutchman doing the second in an action in which he does not understand Militao.


He is left without his dance partner, with whom he has found a perfect synchronization. Powerful at the starts. Pick a hazard clearance on the stock that ends up on the white net.


At the Jeddah Super Cup two years ago, he sold his overtaking to Marcelo. The first defender to cover Ferran. The first yellow of the match is between them, but for the Barcelona player. Behind him the Bara begins to understand that things can happen where he did not expect it. Serious problems in the exit of the ball and when they squeeze him.


Ensimo duel with Busquets. Very good first-touch start right out of the box.


Madrid’s watch. It starts out with a couple of weird mistakes in it, but it gets in tune.


It reaches Arabia at a very high peak. Genius pass to Vinicius at 12 minutes. Every threat he throws is a mystery that few rivals can solve.


It is confirmed that he has overtaken Rodrygo. His last good games support Ancelotti’s bet. He has it at seven minutes after an action by Vinicius, but it went up. The action is repeated in the 18th minute. Third attempt in the 38th. That he shoots so much is a sign that his confidence is growing.


The star of the Super Cup, more for the Arab world. The first shot is for him after a start from Asensio. Perfect steal from Busquets at 0-1 and pass from a pure 10 to Vinicius.


At the Camp Nou Classic, Barcelona did not know how to stop him. For his part, he sees them with Dani Alves. Every time he touches it, he electrifies the stands. Demolishing every time he faces space, and the Bara allows it. His is the first goal: Benzema throws him and his left foot sends it to the net. Power, speed and efficiency. He faces Alves at 50 and shows him a yellow.


He ran into Alaba’s last minute problem. Barcelona starts dominating and Madrid accepts the role of counterattack. That his team dominates many game records is evident in the first part. Bara’s departure after the break puts Ancelotti’s plan in trouble.

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