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One of the most emotional moments of The Last of Us will be in the HBO series | Levelup

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The Last of Us is one of the most loved games by Naughty Dog fans and by those who like the PlayStation exclusives offer. Beyond its proposal as a video game, the success of its theme and history have been the basis for the production of a series on HBO that has more budget than Game of Thrones, so we are talking about a product with very high expectations. An important part of what we live in The Last of Us It has to do with his moments full of emotion and apparently one of them will be in some chapter of the series.

The events of Left Behind could be dealt with in the series of The Last of Us the HBO

The hype for the series The Last of Us HBO is on top and fans are counting down the days to relive this story from a different perspective thanks to the cast of actors led by Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Of course, although an adaptation is being sought, the essence of the video game will be respected and it is almost a fact that 1 of 2 moments, or perhaps both, are in the series. We refer to the events of The Last of Us: Left Behind and to the winter period that takes place in the game.

The above after a member of the staff of the series of The Last of Us from HBO shared a short recording where you see, in the back, a shopping mall in pieces.

Some of these emotional moments are expected to be in the series of

How will you remember your played The Last of Us, or if you do not avoid reading because spoilers are coming, the events of Left Behind precede the meeting between Ellie and Joel, focusing on the relationship between Ellie and Riley, a moment full of emotion that captivated fans. This part of the game’s story takes place inside an abandoned shopping mall, so the series could well deal with what happened in some way.

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However, it could also be the winter chapter in The Last of Us, which follows Ellie’s adventure with a wounded and convalescent Joel after an ambush. Again, Ellie has to go to a dilapidated mall in search of medicine and healing equipment for Joel.

The series of The Last of Us HBO does not have a release date but the project has progressed very well, in fact Neil Druckmann, creative of Naughty Dog and co-creator of the franchise, has already finished his work as director for some of the chapters.

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