Friday, September 30

Moon and Warcraft director Duncan Jones wants to make a Full Throttle movie

Duncan Jones revealed in early 2021 that during part of the COVID-19 lockdowns he spent them writing a script inspired by Full Throttle (1995), LucasArts’ acclaimed graphic adventure. It seems that it was not a simple hobby: the director of Moon Y Warcraft wants to get support to convince Disney – which acquired Lucasfilm and its subsidiaries, including the rights to the game – about the possibility of making an adaptation.

“If you can tell Disney Studios how much I would like them to let me make a movie of Full Throttle for Disney + It will be adorable and I would appreciate it, “says Jones on Twitter.

Full Throttle follow in ben’s footsteps, the leader of a motorcycle gang charged with a crime. It was designed by Tim Schafer and praised for the soundtrack, the quality of its performances, and the sense of humor. Double Fine Productions re-released the title in 2017 with a remastering that improved graphics, sound, updated controls, and added developer feedback.

“I loved that game

Jones commented a year ago on his passion for Full Throttle: “My head was blown away. I loved that game. I mean, I really loved that game,” he said when he showed his story, that although it deviates from the original material at times -it is a very short adventure-, in others it is an almost literal adaptation.

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Duncan Jones surprised with Moon (2009), a science fiction film that won several awardsincluding a BAFTA for Best Debut by a British Screenwriter, Director or Producer. His career, however, has gone from more to less: after Moon they arrived Source Code, Warcraft Y Mute. It currently has announced the adaptation of the comic Rogue Trooper, although its filming seems that it has not yet begun.

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