Wednesday, September 28

LEGO delays its Overwatch set due to controversy at Activision Blizzard

LEGO has delayed its plans to release its licensed parts set Overwatch over the scandals and harassment allegations at Activision Blizzard, which will also affect the company’s CEO, Bobby Kotick, according to The Wall Street Journal. This set called Titan showed Tracer and Mei from Overwatch -a game from Blizzard, the studio most affected by the controversy-, and was originally scheduled for next month.

“Nowadays we are reviewing our collaboration with Activison Blizzard out of concern about the progress made to correct allegations about work culture, especially in dealing with female employees and creating an inclusive work environment, “says LEGO.” As we complete the analysis, we will stop the launch of LEGO Overwatch 2 Titan which was scheduled for February 1 “.

The development of Overwatch 2 seems to be experiencing some setbacks as well. Presented in 2019, in 2021 a new delay was announced -both of this shooter like Diablo 4 and now they won’t arrive until at least 2023 with the intention of “giving teams extra time to complete production and increase their resources to support post-launch titles.” Several Blizzard producers and creators have left the company amid harassment allegations, something that is undoubtedly affecting progress.

The Overwatch League also lost sponsors last summer to this controversy.

Delays LEGO Overwatch 2 by in.

Overwatch 2, interesting PvE, daring business model

In ours impressions of Overwatch 2 We emphasize that “at the PvP level, Blizzard is not going to segregate the community and in this regard all the content that reaches Overwatch 2 will also do it to the one and in fact, the players of both games will be able to play together on the servers in a daring, interesting and perhaps a bit strange move since players not interested in PvE have little reason to make the switch“.

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