Wednesday, December 7

Kirby and the Forgotten Land will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 25

Kirby and the forgotten land was one of Nintendo’s surprise announcements during the past 2021, presenting us at a Nintendo Direct held in September in which we could see for the first time this new adventure in three dimensions of the charismatic pink ball of the Great N.

The game was scheduled for spring and was one of the most anticipated of the year, but, what many of us cannot imagine is that it would arrive shortly after starting the most flowery season of the year, since Nintendo has just confirmed its release date for Nintendo Switch on March 25, four days after the cold winter ends and we reach spring in Spain.

In addition to giving us its release date on the hybrid console, Nintendo has also posted a video of a little more than a minute and a half in duration in which we can see some more material of a game of which for now there are hardly any details but, from what little we have seen, it looks very funny:

New abilities for a Kirby and cooperative mode

Kirby and the forgotten land going to keep the essence of Kirby’s games being able to see his most characteristic abilities (such as the absorption of objects), although to face the new threats that will challenge him in this installment we will see abilities such as copy Drill and Explorer. With Kirby Drill you can dig and attack enemies from below with a great blow while the Explorer skill allows us to shoot a distant enemy.

In addition, this installment of Kirby bets on the 3D platforms and have a local cooperative mode with the second player being able to control Waddle Dee Handkerchief, utilizing a variety of attacks using a spear to combat his enemies.

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