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Kirby and the Forgotten Land reveals its date and a great cooperative mode | Levelup

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Nintendo will celebrate this year the 30th anniversary of one of its most beloved and popular characters: Kirby. The adorable pink ball will be back soon with Kirby and the Forgotten Land, title that was revealed last year and that finally has a release date.

The company surprised this morning by releasing a striking new trailer for the game for the Switch. In addition to confirming the exact date for its premiere, he gave us a more complete look at his world, the abilities that Kirby will have this time around, and confirmed a 2-player co-op mode.

When will it debut Kirby and the Forgotten Land en Nintendo Switch?

We have great news for you if you are a fan of the franchise, well Kirby and the Forgotten Land It will arrive sooner than you think on the hybrid console. This since it will be one of the strong launches for this first quarter of the year.

You can start your journey in Kirby and the Forgotten Land as of March 25. This 3D adventure will have the hallmark of the saga with some novelties that fans will undoubtedly welcome with open arms.

Kirby will use useful new abilities to stop the abduction of the Waddle Dees as he takes on the Beast Pack and experiences a whole new world filled with cleverly designed zones.

The trailer reveals some special copy abilities that Kirby will have in this installment, such as Drill and Ranger. In addition, the protagonist can be accompanied thanks to a cooperative mode where another player will take the role of Bandana Waddle Dee. This will be possible by sharing a pair of Joy-Con on the same console.

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Finally, we got a look at Waddle Dee Town, a city that will change little by little depending on the number of characters rescued. You will also find minigames and even online options to know global statistics of the title. Below is his trailer:

“In the game Kirby and the Forgotten Land, join the mighty and cute hero Kirby, as he gains new skills in a 3D platformer adventure for Nintendo Switch that is filled with wonder, nature and Waddle Dees, ”reads his description.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land It can be played from next March 25 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Here you will find more news related to the franchise.

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