Tuesday, October 4

Kirby and the Forgotten Land discovers your arrival date • Console and Dashboard

Kirby and the forgotten land It already has a date of arrival on Nintendo Switch: March 25. This new adventure is part of the celebration plans for the 30th anniversary of the famous pink ball.


As recalled in the trailer that accompanies this announcement, our protagonist will explore a mysterious world. He will face the pack, with a mission to rescue the Waddle Dees.

With the three dimensions as allies, we will move with total freedom using Kirby’s best-known abilities. They will be the ones that allow you to overcome the dangers you come across. It is remembered how the environment consists of abandoned structures of an ancient civilization.

In 2022, he who is one of the most iconic characters in video games turns 30 years old. For now, we can get hold of a free desktop background. Will a version of Game & Watch follow by the end of the year? There are those of us who have already crossed our fingers …


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