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How to block buyers on eBay

If you know how to block buyers on eBay, your experience as a seller is likely to improve dramatically.

Whether you’re trying to download a few things to raise some money to buy one of the best TVs or sell the world’s first USB-C iPhone, being an eBay seller isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. Buyers sometimes order items they don’t intend to pay for, pretend the goods haven’t arrived, or try to trick you into parting with cash. These actions could not only put you out of money, but also cause stress and discourage you from selling online again.

Fortunately, eBay offers a number of ways to protect yourself from bad buyers. In addition to choosing settings that will make it difficult for some potential buyers to buy or bid on your items, you can end up blocking them entirely. These eBay members may have caused you problems in the past personally or you may have heard from others that they are troublesome. In any case, you can block up to 5000 members on your account.

Here, we’ll show you how to block buyers on eBay, as well as how you can manage potential buyers and even stop a bid before an auction ends. Although these steps are by no means a silver bullet to end bad buyer problems, they could still help you weed out troublemakers. So here we show you how to block buyers on eBay.

How to block buyers on eBay

1. Visit eBay home page and log in, then click Help and Contact.

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2. Next, type “block buyer” in the search bar and click the Block a buyer button that appears.

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3. Now you will be in the Block Buyers List screen. Get into the Username The Email address of the eBay member you want to block on the text input box.

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4. If you want to add more members to the list, write a comma then get into the Username The Email address from the eBay member. On the contrary, click Submit when you finish.

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If you don’t want to go so far as to block buyers, eBay offers tools to manage who can potentially buy from you. Check out the guide below to learn how to manage potential buyers on eBay.

How to manage potential buyers on eBay

You won’t know the identity of all the bad buyers on eBay, but you can determine who can and cannot bid on your items based on their history on the website. To do this, it is necessary to access the Buyers management page and log in when prompted.

1. First, decide if you want to block habitual defaulters. On the line “Block buyers who causedclick the arrow next to the first number and choose an acceptable number of cancellations (either 2, 3, 4 or 5).

Next, click the arrow next to the next number and select an acceptable time period (either one, six, or 12 months). Make sure this entire line is checked.

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2. Now, we are going to block buyers who want to ship an item to a location that you do not want to ship to. Tick the cash register beside “Block buyers whose primary delivery address is in a location where you don’t post.”

Next, visit the Exclude shipping locations page Y Please select the locations you want to exclude.

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3. If you are concerned that a rogue buyer will try to buy a lot of items from you, tick the cash register beside “Block buyers who are currently earning or have bought.” Decide how many items are acceptable during a 10 day period – only click the arrow and choose a number.

If you choose two, for example, a buyer won’t be able to buy more than two items from you within 10 days.

You can then go further and only place the limitation on people with a low feedback score. Tick the cash register beside “Set this requirement only to block buyers with a feedback score” Y choose a score that works for you. For example, if you select “5,” only someone with a comment score of six or higher can buy multiple items from you.

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4. While on this page, you can also prevent blocked buyers from contacting you. Alone switch button next to the option.

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5. You can also ask buyers to register a payment method with eBay before bidding. To do this, check the box for this option.

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6. Click Submit when you finish.

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Canceling unwanted offers is an easy way to prevent a specific person from buying an item from you if it has escaped the net. To do this, follow our guide below on how to cancel an unwanted eBay offer.

How to cancel an unwanted eBay offer

It’s always worth keeping an eye on who’s bidding on your items. To do this, click about him eBay member’s username to check your comments. To cancel the buyer’s bid, first make a note of the article number in your listing and the Bidder username. Then head to the Cancel Buyer Offer Page.

1. To cancel a big junk, get into the article number in the first box then enter the bidder’s username in the second box.

(Image credit: eBay)

2. Select a reason for cancellation and click Deliver. You may want to block the bidder from trying to buy again.

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Now that you know how to block buyers on eBay, you may also want to know how to withdraw a bid on eBay. Or if you are thinking of skipping eBay and setting up your own online store, see how to create your own website. And for some good general financial advice, try how to get a free credit report, and why you should and how to get your credit score.

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