Tuesday, October 4

Gran Turismo 7 confirms the return of the Daytona International Speedway circuit

Sony has confirmed that the Daytona International Speedway circuit will be one of the additions to Gran Turismo 7 when it launches on March 4. The news was expected since its layout had been hinted at in the December trailer dedicated to the improvements of the driving game on PlayStation 5 – as happened with Deep Forest Raceway, shown last month.

The circuit debut in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and stayed on Gran Turismo 5 Y Gran Turismo 6, but was absent in Gran Turismo Sport. The lines show that it includes the new 2020 chicane that is used in NASCAR competition and that it obviously did not appear in Gran Turismo 6 2013, so we may see three different variants – oval, sports car, and NASCAR.

Gran Turismo 7 recapture several classic tracks

The new installment of the Polyphony Digital saga rescue several common circuits from Great tourism that disappeared with Sport. In addition to the aforementioned Deep Forest, present from the first game, we will find High Speed ​​Ring and Trial Mountain. Gran Turismo 7 also use a weather system with simulation of time and rain to add more variety to each circuit –more than 90 including different versions-.

The game recover the classic campaign mode, the enormous customization of the cars to optimize their times, exceed 420 vehicles and continue with the improvements incorporated with GT Sport, such as the vinyl editor or the photo mode Scapes. On PS5 I will make use of the advantages of the DualSense, including the hepatic response and the adaptive triggers. A special 25th anniversary edition is now available for preorder, including a physical copy of Gran Turismo 7 for PS5 and a download code for PS Store for the PS4 version, plus various extras in credits for the game, car, soundtrack and more. You can learn more with our preview of Gran Turismo 7.

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