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Fortnite: The Green Goblin and Mary Jane will arrive soon, according to leaks

As often happens, the leaks around Fortnite Battle Royale they keep happening almost every day. The Season 1: Back Chapter 3 is bringing a ton of special collaborations between the Epic Games title and other popular franchises, one of the most prominent being Marvel’s Spider-Man himself. Now, thanks to a comment from the well-known dataminer HYPEX, we have learned that it seems quite probable that more characters from the wall-crawler universe arrive to the game; in this case they will be the Green Goblin and Mary Jane.

The possible arrival of the Green Goblin and Mary Jane to Fortnite is filtered

According to a tweet published by HYPEX a few days ago on its Twitter account, which we leave you right on these lines, the leaker assures that up to 3 new characters are programmed that will appear in the building of the Daily Bugle which is currently on Fortnite’s Battle Island. The funny thing is that we are not talking about new skins to buy in the store, but about characters NPCs that they would have some kind of role in particular.

HYPEX assures that one of these characters will be Mary Jane, one of the most important female characters in the Spider-Man universe. She can sell a Lanzatelaraas with infinite ammunition in exchange for 400 gold bars. It should be noted that a few weeks ago added to the game an MJ skin, played by Zendaya in the latest UMC movies, but this character’s real name is Michelle Jones, so this Mary Jane would be the one. original comics character (Come on, the same we could see in the Sam Raimi tapes from the early 21st century).

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Mary Jane will sell a Fabric Thrower with infinite ammo for 400 gold bars.

On the other hand, HYPEX bets that the green Goblin is another one of these NPCs that Fortnite will add soon. This is pure speculation from the leaker, but he believes to be the Green Goblin as Epic previously announced that Spider-Man’s friends and foes were coming to the game and added glider animations with the Foundation this season. Logically this Green Goblin could be the same one that we have seen in the recent movie of Spider-Man No Way Home.

Finally we have a third character who is a mystery. HYPEX does not know who it could be, so this question remains in the air. As always, all this that we have discussed It is not official and therefore it is information that must be collected with tweezers. Although it is possible that some of the above will finally happen, we will have to wait for the next moves of Epic Games to discover what surprises they have us reserved.

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