Wednesday, September 28

Former Commissioner Villarejo: “Ana Rosa Quintana was desperate because of her husband’s clumsiness”




El former commissioner Jos Manuel Villarejo has declared this Tuesday in the National audience that the commission investigated in the ‘Painter piece’ of the ‘Tandem case’, one of the three for which he is being tried, was a favor he did to the journalist Ana Rosa Quintana, who asked her to help her husband, the businessman Juan Muoz Tamara, who is accused along with his brother Fernando of revealing secrets and attempted extortion.

“It was a personal favor that my good friend Ana Rosa asked me, who had already asked me for many favors for a long time, when we were both single, as with the plagiarism of her book, countless times,” said the former commissioner of the National Police Corps. “Ana Rosa told me ‘hey, I have a problem with this husband, who said, that I have done new, which turns out that since he is younger than us and does not understand that he is married to a very famous woman. And the problem is that I know dedicates together with other people to manufacture false invoices to obtain cash to pay for construction licenses etc. Please, help him ‘”, he continued Jos Manuel Villarejo.

“I would have liked Ana Rosa to have come to explain if it is true or not. I meet her husband after she asks me to help him. I had no relationship with her husband, and forgive the term, but she was very angry at the mistakes of her husband that resulted in her due to her professional prestige, “she explained to the court, as the newspaper reported on Tuesday The world on their website. “The prosecutor has reached an agreement with Ana Rosa’s husband to lie. He has said that it was not he who delivered the 20,000 euros and it is false. He entered my office, deposited them on my table and two members of the CNI took that money. I only acted to do a favor to a friend who was tired of her husband’s irregularities or clumsiness, “she continued. Jos Manuel Villarejo.

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Juan Muoz Tamara, husband of Ana Rosa Quintana, Y Fernando Muoz Tamarabrother of the first and therefore brother of the television presenter, have reached an agreement with the fiscal. The brothers have recognized the criminal acts of which they are accused and, in return, have seen the prosecutor’s charge reduced from eight years in prison to eleven months.

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