Tuesday, October 4

Forever Skies, Sci-Fi Survival in the Sky, Presents First Trailer

Are you ready to face your past from a ship in space? Forever Skies takes off from the recently launched Polish studio Far From Home: a survival action game set in a bid for science fiction, which will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (Steam). It is expected to debut in the Early Access phase in the Valve store at the beginning of this same 2022, offering around 30 hours of gameplay at that stage.

Forever Skies, a trip to the past from the future

Our base will be none other than a high-tech ship, which will become our refuge, laboratory and workshop. In Forever Skies our ingenuity will be what allows us to stay alive, since we will have to use science to our advantage to survive. Using reverse engineering, we will develop better machines, new ways to obtain food and resources … and, ultimately, be easier keep us alive.

In addition to that field study that we will have to do, in Forever Skies we can also immerse ourselves in the investigation of some ruins that were built in the heavens to escape destruction. “Surrounded by drifting debris, caused by a strange anomaly, it collects raw materials to survive,” write the developers. “Explore and discover the remains of our civilization.” What has happened to the Earth? Why did we lose control of our planet? We will have to immerse ourselves in the past to understand our present.

“Explore and discover the remains of our civilization”

The Early Access version will have enough “mechanics and activities” that will allow us to go out to explore the vast world of the title. It is also planned to include a four player cooperative mode, which will be added to the game “as quickly as possible” as it will not be available during this early phase. From Far From Home they anticipate that version 1.0 will be released one year after the debut of the game in Early Access.

At the moment they have not communicated a specific launch date. To know more details of Forever Skies We invite you to visit their page Steam.


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