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Five Spanish video game content creators, among the most popular in the world

Spain is experiencing one of its best times in the universe of videogames, both for the great titles that have been published in recent years in our country (Metroid Dread, Gray, Blasphemous The Rhyme to give some examples), such as the good form of content creators or electronic sports competitions in our country.

Focusing on the creatorsDuring the last few weeks we have told you about several popularity rankings of streamers or youtubers in which several Spaniards were present. The last of them is the one produced by the Curry agency (you can access here), which has analyzed the search data and the number of followers in social networks of the most important creators in the world to offer us an interesting ranking.

It’s about a TOP 20 of 2021 in which five Spanish creators “sneak in”, the first being VEGETTA777 in fourth position followed by AuronPlay in fifth place. In the eighth position we find Mikecrack, in the ninth with Willyrex and in the thirteenth a Ibai. Here is the complete list:

  • 1. PewDiePie
  • 2. Ninja
  • 3. Markiplier
  • 4. VEGETTA777
  • 5. AuronPlay
  • 6. jacksepticeye
  • 7. DanTDM
  • 8. Mikecrack
  • 9. Willyrex
  • 10. Tfue
  • 11. TechnoGamerz
  • 12. LazarBeam
  • 13. River
  • 14. tommyinnit
  • 15. FGTeeV
  • 16. SSundee
  • 17. shroud
  • 18. bugha
  • 19. Mongraal

The Most Wanted Gaming Accessories

This analysis of data from Curry also talks about the most sought after gaming peripherals by video game fans, being virtual reality headsets the device they were most interested in in 2021, followed by gaming keyboards, headphones, and chairs. In addition we also know the peripherals most used by the most popular streamers, with the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse, the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard and the ASOTR Gaming A50 Wireless headphones.

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