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Not even the cover of our dreams is capable of stopping the catastrophe. Those who have suffered a console fall to the ground will know how the world stops. Juggling to stop the inevitable is followed by hands at the head. We will focus all the effort on going back in time. Three seconds would be enough.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Whether the console has suffered, as a result of our clumsiness, or if it does not work in conditions due to natural causes, the store It will help us to continue enjoying it once the world turns again. Once the breathing returns to its normal rhythm. At the end of the day, the scare is not removed by anyone …


Like all technological devices, consoles break. Paying large amounts for one will not guarantee that it will work for life in perfect condition. Make it the most popular for gamers either.

In Mobile World they are experts in fixing mobiles, tablets, computers and even scooters. To the joy of the players, too repair any console. A phone call or a visit to any of its stores in Madrid is enough to find a solution to our problem.

We will not need an appointment to be seen, nor will we know where the problem is. For your part, we will not have to pay to receive a budget. The technicians will tell us what happens so that we can decide whether or not it is worth fixing our playmate.

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A medical visit is not always possible, and more in these times. Confinement can be equivalent to wanting to dust off that laptop that gave us so much joy. That desktop console that we did not pay much attention to. If it no longer works (and it is not the discharged battery), we can always ask for it to be collected at home. It seems that everything is thought out.

Failures in desktop consoles

Switch, the hybrid console, is known for its famous problem with the Joy-Con. Due to a failure that the company itself insists on not correcting, a large majority of players experience an involuntary movement in their left controller. The character moves alone.

Mobile World fixes it, along with the screen change. Other problems that the console may experience, both the original and its other models, is not being able to connect it or appreciate a very low sound. It may not turn on or it may turn off by itself.

In regards to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, it is common to need an HDMI repair, a change in the fan or a new battery for the controller. Among the main problems of Sony consoles, we find that lack of HDMI connection, an excessive sound of the fan, some controls that do not synchronize or a console that does not turn on or off by itself.

If Xbox consoles are part of our life, we may have encountered one of these problems: fan sound, not being able to connect the HDMI, controls that are not synchronized, problems with power and controls or with a fault in the reader. discs.

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Broken Nintendo 3DS

What about laptops?

Nintendo consoles tend to be the most popular in repair shops. Not because they are of worse quality, but because of their wide range of models. Due to its commitment to the portable mode, more susceptible to accidents than the desktop one.

Nintenderas laptops often require changes to the game player, a repair to the charging connector or a replacement of buttons (damn! Mario Party!). Without going any further, Nintendo 3DS may experience connection problems, on and off, as happened with desktop.

Sony’s PS Vita continues to serve as entertainment for many gamers, despite its unfair life. That is why you can experience problems with the fan, with the reading of discs and with the connection to the power charger. It may not turn on or off by itself.


Taking the console to repair, as we have already seen, is equivalent to going to the doctor. For many, it is an act of shame, planning 232 excuses. Like when we tell the doctor how healthy we eat. The great amount of sport that we practice.

The consoles experience crashes due to their use. For his abandonment. We should not be ashamed if the problem comes from a fall or a lack of care. We are human (like Chenoa). No one is going to judge us for stepping on the 3DS by leaving it on the ground at night. For having the Wii abandoned with a serious problem.

The antiquity it is not an impediment for a console to be fixed. It is never too late to worry about the PlayStation 2. For that Xbox 360. We do not need to be inveterate collectors to want to preserve the consoles with the love they deserve.

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When looking for a solution, it is important to demand a certain speed (to the extent that the problem allows it). Of course, also a guarantee. In the case of Mundo del Móvil, the reviews highlight the speed of the repair. Offers a four-month warranty.

It presents a repair service, as well as a tech blog with tips and news. It helps us get the most out of our devices, with thematic articles. We will also find personalized recommendations.

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