Thursday, September 29

EA apologizes for the theft of FIFA accounts and assures that it will improve security

Electronic Arts has confirmed the information about the recent theft of accounts FIFA that suffered some important streamers and merchants of FIFA Ultimate Team due to the compromise of their profiles in recent weeks, something that meant their loss of coins and players. EA apologizes and assures that they take steps to improve security.

The problem that occurred with their popular soccer game was not a hack or leak on EA’s network, but because of social engineering techniques with the Electronic Arts support team. Apparently by providing a Gamertag or PSN ID associated with an EA account these people could persuade or threaten in the EA Help chat to take control of the accounts or change the associated email to reset the password.

EA has investigated the problem and ensures that the affected accounts are less than 50. “Using threats and other ‘social engineering’ methods, malicious actors were able to exploit human error within our customer experience team and bypass two-factor authentication to gain access to other player accounts,” the company explains.

“We are currently working to identify the legitimate owners of the accounts to restore access to their accounts content, and affected players should expect a response from our team shortly. Our investigation is ongoing as we thoroughly examine every suspicious email change request claim and report of a compromised account. “

Make changes to your account verification

“There is always a human factor in account security and we know we must do better,” says EA confirming a new training your staff to add new steps in account verification.

FIFA account theft by EA human error

“We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused, and because we were unable to share additional details in our original communication last week while we conduct a thorough investigation. Thanks to the entire community for your patience while We continue to address the situation and take corrective action“.

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