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Detail Plan: Lina The ladybug without dots • Console and Dashboard

Lina The ladybug without dots joins the Tranjis Games catalog. This children’s game combines dice, story and stuffed animal, giving shape to a competition between 2 and 4 participants, from the age of 3.

Created by Anja Dreier-Brückner and illustrated by Camille Tisserand, it proposes helping a ladybug to show off seven colored dots. In each turn, we can add one to his back or exchange it from one player to another, depending on the result of the dice. In charge of the story is Scarlett Lim.

In addition to video tutorial posted a few weeks ago, we elaborated a game guide using 10 photographs. It allows to discover its components, as well as its mechanics.


ladybug board game
Game components.
Lina The ladybug without dots
Before the first game, we read the story. We put the dots on Lina as she receives them in the story.
plush board game
For the game, we put all the dots on the back of the book.
Lina The ladybug without dots
Whoever gets Lina’s symbol on the die first places the ladybug on the wrist. The one on the left takes the die.
Lina The ladybug without dots
Each player’s turn is to roll the die and execute its effect.
Tranjis Games
With a color, we will add a dot of that color. Whoever has Lina on their wrist will give thanks.
Lina The ladybug without dots
With Lina’s result on a white background, we stay with Lina. If we already have it, go to the one on the left.
Lina The ladybug without dots
Lina on a yellow background lets you add a little yellow dot.
plush board game
The other option for this result is to place Lina on our wrist.
Lina The ladybug without dots
When he has seven dots on his back, the game ends. Whoever has it on their wrist wins.

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