Saturday, October 1

Clones of the game Wordle flood the stores with payment applications and advertising

Any Twitter user will have verified that in the social network the rage of Wordle has hit hard. It is a puzzle game with words -in English with the original version, but there is also a Spanish version- that proposes to discover a daily word by entering letters several times. Its creator assured that despite the success it will continue to be free and without advertising, but popularity has attracted clones seeking to blend in with the original and profit from success.

Mobile stores have seen a multitude of copies of Worlde that they include microtransactions, ads and in some cases the download is not free. Although this reaction was foreseeable, in the last hours many Twitter users have charged against one of the creators of these copies who bragged about the success of his clone and the money he was getting, something that forced the application developer to cancel his bill. “12,000 downloads, 28th in word games and fourth if you search for ‘wordle’ in the App Store,” he boasted on Twitter.

Apple begins to take action

The explosion of clones reminds what happened in 2014 with Flappy Bird, and Apple has begun deleting several – but not all – clones of Wordle. There are still some that offer payment options to unlock new levels or remove ads.

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Josh Wardle, creador de WordleHe recently commented that he did it as a simple entertainment for himself and his wife, and that he had never imagined it would become so popular. “I don’t understand that something can’t just be fun. I don’t have to charge money for this and the idea is to keep it that way.“.

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