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Change of plans at Sony! The PS4 is more alive than ever in the face of the PS5 shortage | Levelup

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How bad is the PlayStation 5 shortage? Enough to change Sony’s plans in recent years, as the Japanese company has had to adapt to the conditions generated by the pandemic, even if that means keeping the PS4 valid for longer. We say this through a new report that indicates a change in Sony’s strategy for this year derived from the shortage of its new console.

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PS4 will come to the rescue amid the PS5 shortage

According to information from Bloomberg, Sony has made the decision to postpone the withdrawal of PS4 after the semiconductor shortage crisis that has affected PS5 and that has it as a console with high sales potential but whose supply is exceeded by demand, far from a point balance that satisfies both parties. Citing sources that opted for anonymity, he refers to a change in plans by the Japanese company that includes the manufacture of at least 1 million PS4 units by 2022, this with the aim of keeping PlayStation options in the future. market and build on the successful legacy of this console.

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The PS4 would see the end of its production in 2021, but now it has new life

Likewise, the report points out that the PS5 shortage has given new life to PS4 as Sony’s original plans were to end the manufacture of its previous console at the end of 2021, however this has changed and PS4 will have to cope, in some way. form, in the absence of PS5.

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Currently, Sony’s strategy is for PS4 to be an alternative to the limited PS5 units on the market, being a decision that synthesizes the changes that Sony has had to make in recent years, such as backward compatibility and approval of versions. from PS4 games that might as well have been PS5 exclusive, such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 The Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

In this way, it is worth considering that the situation of shortage of new generation consoles could worsen because the situation in the semiconductor sector does not find a solution and we are facing a new and important wave of COVID-19 infections that is changing all over again.

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