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Business Movement: “We must protect the institutions of this country” | Politics | The voice of the interior

The businessman Marcelo Uribarren, president of the Industrial Union of Córdoba (UIC) and the president of the Cereal Exchange, Juan Carlos Martínez, were in voice and vote and pointed out that the emergence of the Entrepreneur Movement of the Provinces arose to “protect the institutional framework ”.

“We must protect the institutionality of this country,” Martinez remarked during the interview. Both pointed out that the case “Vicentin was the limit”, recalling when the national government wanted to advance in the expropriation of the agroindustrial firm.

This organization brings together 350 businessmen and agricultural producers from the provinces of Córdoba, San Juan, Entre Ríos and Mendoza and they aspire to influence a consensus program for the sector that will translate into long-term political agreements.

“We came together when legal security was violated, with what happened with Vicentin. But also because for decades we have not had a roadmap, businessmen have to have a long-term vision, “said Uribarren.

The businessmen assured that today both sectors cannot foresee for various reasons, including inflation and changes in the tax rules of the game.

“We businessmen have understood that in this situation in the country we have to save ourselves together and trust, predictability, clear rules and that it be durable over time is essential,” Martinez added.

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