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An old acquaintance of PS2, Xbox and GameCube is coming soon to PlayStation 5 | Levelup

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Two decades separate us from the launch of the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox, consoles that built their success with countless high-quality titles that knew how to mark a before and after everything we saw in the 90s. Time has passed and surely there are some games that were left out of our collections but thanks to the current state of the industry we have a new opportunity for it and apparently soon PS5 users will see the return of a good game from those times.

A great action game is heading towards PS5

According to information from the ESRB, the body in charge of reviewing and classifying content in the United States, the action game for PlayStation 2 and Xbox BloodRayne is coming soon to PlayStation 5, this according to the recent ranking update for BloodRayne: ReVamped, a remastering that was released last year for different platforms, although not for the recent Sony console.

BloodRayne in 2002

BloodRayne was very well received and built a fan base

Although there is no release date for BloodRayne: ReVamped On PS5, it is expected to be soon as the ESRB classification is granted shortly before a debut, it would also be a title that has already seen the light on recent consoles.

BloodRayne is an action and combat game Hack and Slash that debuted in 2002. It was developed by Terminal Reality, distributed by Majesco and in it we took the role of Rayne, Dhampira (that is, the hybrid between human and vampire) who works for the Brimstone Society during the rise of the Nazis in Germany and before World War II. Its reception was good, although it never enjoyed overwhelming success, it nevertheless became a quasi-cult title for those who enjoyed it.

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