Friday, September 30

Xbox wants bans and locks for toxic players to be cross-platform

The crossplay It was one of the functions dreamed of by players who wanted to be able to enjoy multiplayer games with their friends regardless of whether one had it on PC, another on Xbox and a third on PlayStation, something that, luckily, has gradually disappeared getting breaking a historical barrier in the world of video games.

The next step for Phil Spencer, Xbox boss, is take crossplay one step further and establish what we could baptize as the crossban, that is if a player is sanctioned or sent off on one platform or gaming network, he is also sanctioned on the rest.

Speaking to the New York Times, Spencer comments that something they would love to do but “It is difficult for the industry, it is that when a player is banned in one of our networks there would be a way to get banned in the rest“Another of the ideas of the head of Xbox is that this could also be done with users blocked by other players, aiming for him to like it “to be able to take my list of blocked users to other networks in which I want to play“being able to carry a list of people with whom he does not want to share a game.

XSX / S sells better than any other Xbox

Phil Spencer’s words and his idea of ​​the “crossban” come to us the same day that he has also spoken the good shape of Xbox consoles, with XSX / S selling faster than past generations, with both models out of stock for months and pointing out that the supplies of this generation are as great as in the past, so what is causing this lack of units is “demand that is outstripping supply. At this time we have sold more Xbox this generation, Series X and S, than we have sold with previous Xbox. It is our job to make supply meet demand.“.

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