Friday, November 25

Xbox Series X / S still outsells any other Xbox

Xbox Series X | S continues to sell faster than past generations of Xboxsays Phil Spencer of Xbox. Satya Nadella, executive director of Microsoft, confirmed it last July -the two models were released in November 2020- and in an interview in The New York Times This week’s Spencer reiterates that it is still beating previous Xbox records despite the constraints on making more units.

The Xbox manager recalls that the console -the two models- have been completely out of stock for a few months, something that had not happened before and that also has an impact on the network. “The team [encargado de la infraestructura online] has worked to meet the demand. In a way, we are still trying to get there. “

“When you think of getting an Xbox or a new PlayStation on the market right now, they’re really hard to come by. And it’s not because the offer is smaller. In fact supplies are as great as ever. It is the demand that is exceeding the supply“, Spencer says in the interview. In the case of Sony, PlayStation 5 reached 10 million consoles sold in less time than PS4.

“At this time We have sold more Xbox this generation, Series X and S, than we have sold with previous Xbox. It is our job to make supply meet demand. “Phil Spencer has not disclosed the sales breakdown by model, although estimates suggest that Series S will have outperformed Series X in some markets.

Manufacturing problems will continue through 2022

In our report on stock limitations we reviewed the reasons that led to This chip shortage affects the electronics industry, not just the most powerful consoles or graphics cards. The forecasts are that in the short term it will still be difficult to meet the demand, and it could even extend until early 2023. At the moment it will not be possible to purchase one of the new consoles normally in physical stores.

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