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Why New World Players Are Being Robbed By Their Own Guilds

New World allows players to control the territory by forming Companies, but some Company leaders have been looting treasury funds before fleeing.

Posted by Amazon Games, The new World is an MMO that makes players travel to new lands to colonize and conquer. The game takes place on Aeternum Island, a place where players can find riches or their downfall. Although the game was popular for the first few weeks of its release, the litany of bugs and glitches that plagued the game caused the number of active players to drop dramatically in just a few short months. Although Amazon Games has released patches to fix the most common problems, there are still enough problems to prevent some players from returning.

As The new WorldAt the launch of, many players have been fighting enemies and building Companies, which are groups of up to a hundred players who can control the territory. However, not all players have been participating in good faith, which has resulted in the theft of some members of the Company.

What are New World Enterprises?

Companies allow groups of players to claim and control territory. Each company is affiliated with a different faction and players cannot join one that is not affiliated with their faction. Being part of a business has many benefits, including the ability to tax. Players must ensure that their companies are prepared for war, because there will be other players looking to take control of the territories.

Within companies, there are different ranges. The highest rank is Governor, and it is awarded to the player who starts a company. Consuls act as second in command to the governor. They have most of the powers that governors have, however, unlike governors, consuls cannot withdraw money from the treasury and cannot change the daily withdrawal limit from the treasury. The treasury contains all the funds earned by a business. Below the consuls are officers who have the power to expel members of the company and invite new players to join the company. Finally, there are colonists who do not have many permits, although they can make deposits in the treasury.

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In the New World, rulers can become thieves

The cunning rulers have been abusing their power to seize everything in the treasury before taking off. The most nefarious governors will collaborate with the consuls in an elaborate plot. The governor will create a new company and declare war on his old company. Consuls working with the Governor will send weaker players to war, facilitating the Governor’s victory. Alternatively, governors can expel members from their company before creating a new company and conquering their old company.

Although it is a blatant act of treason, it is not difficult to understand why players may want to loot companies. the economy of The new World you have a problem with deflation caused by gambling that does not provide enough opportunities to accumulate wealth. This makes it difficult to search for gold, which is why looting company treasures is attractive to players looking to get rich.

Amazon Games is aware of the problem, but doesn’t seem eager to post a fix. According to creative director David Verfaillie, the looting of treasury funds is “a social risk that is built into the game.” It states that, in ideal situations, humans will be trustworthy and will not exploit their playmates. However, players also have the option of using mischievous methods to acquire wealth. As Verfaillie explains, “the intention is to create a world where players can have an impact and give them the tools to make their own decisions.”

Although Amazon Games doesn’t seem eager to change the system, there are some improvements that could be implemented to make embezzlement a little less easy. For example, companies could prevent rulers from withdrawing large sums of money from the treasury until the company’s top officials approve the withdrawal. Companies could also allow company members to veto a governor’s attempt to expel players from the company. Finally, if a governor proves untrustworthy, company members should have the ability to cast a vote of no confidence.

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Although The new World is a beautiful game filled with lush landscapes and pristine wilderness, several issues need to be fixed before the game can reach its full potential. A change in company rules would be a step in the right direction.

The new World is now available for PC.

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