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What? It is now possible to play Sonic the Hedgehog with your head thanks to TikTok | Levelup

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With thousands of music videos and memes, TikTok has already established itself as one of the most popular and successful social networks on the market. Although there is already a lot of content to waste time in the application, now its users will have the opportunity to play a curious but fun title of Sonic the Hedgehog. Of course, it is not what you expect.

Earlier this week, TikTok announced a new collaboration with SEGA and Dreams Come True to bring bristle blue to the popular short video social network. Specifically, users can now use a special filter and, in the process, have a chance to win exclusive prizes.

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However, unlike other times, this filter does not turn the user into Sonic. Instead, it will allow you to control the blue hedgehog with the movements of the head in a simple but fun side scrolling game, which looks great fun.

Of course, users should not expect the game to be very complex or to live up to the main Hedgehog installments. In fact, in the presentation video, which you can see if you give click here, we can see that the girl finishes the level in just a few seconds.

Image via TikTok

Users who use the filter and upload a video with the hashtags #tiktok で ゲ ー ム 中 and # ソ ニ ッ ク ラ ン will automatically participate in a special contest, in which 2 lucky people will be able to get a package that will include Sonic themed items such as towels, t-shirts, pins, mugs and keychains. For their part, 8 other people will be awarded one of those 5 objects. This special event will end on February 11.

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Only Japanese users will be able to enjoy the game of Sonic

Without a doubt, all of the above sounds quite interesting. Unfortunately, not everything is honey on flakes, as both the game and the contest are, for the moment, exclusive to the Japanese territory.

As of this writing, there is no information to suggest that the promotion will reach other countries. However, we do not lose hope and cross our fingers to make that happen.

Finally, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first collaboration between SEGA and TikTok. In early 2021, Japanese fans were able to enjoy fun filters inspired by Ichiban Kasuga, Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, main characters of the franchise. Yakuza.

But tell us, would you like the Sonic filter to reach the West? Let us read you in the comments.

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