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What does ‘nashe’ mean on TikTok?

Thousands of young people use words and expressions every day, some that last over time and others that become fashionable for a few months or years and then volatilize with the same ease with which they arrived.

Words like bro, crush or similar barbarisms shortened from English (of course) make up the neologisms of today’s adolescents, for whom older people need a dictionary with which to understand them. And that, contrary to what it might seem, they serve to enrich the language (although they clearly seem to be kicking the dictionary), according to the experts.

Apart from the languages ​​of the different generations or social groups, there are also words typical of technologies or social networks, as is the case of ‘rat Boy‘(which designates a very young and active gamer) or’craftear‘something during a game, which is nothing more than making new objects from others.

If your favorite social network is Tik Tok, perhaps you have heard of ‘nashe’, which has become one of the most searched words of the year 2021. But do you know what it means?

Everything indicates that the word was invented by an Argentine streamer known as Coscu, whose real name is Martin Perez Disalvo and that has more than three million followers on Instagram, more than a million on Twitter and more than four on YouTube.

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Apparently, Coscu started saying ‘nashe’ during one of his broadcasts and his millions of followers – the Coscu Army, that is, the community of players and ‘streamers’ of Argentina- were in charge of viralizing the word and explaining its meaning, which the creator himself has defined as “a positive expression to refer to something important” or shocking that can be seen or read.

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Popularly, in adolescent lingo there is’nashy‘, which is like the’guay‘that was used in the past.

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