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What awaits you in Monster Hunter Rise for PC? Metacritic gives you the average mark | Levelup

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Monster Hunter Rise It was originally released in March of last year as a temporary exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. However, that period came to an end and it is a matter of hours before the title reaches PC. How good is this new version? You can already get an idea with the average grade of Metacritic.

This version of the popular Capcom game will arrive on Steam on January 12 and, due to its proximity, the specialized press has already begun to release its analyzes and it seems that Monster Hunter Rise is pleasing the critics.

Monster Hunter Rise will no longer be exclusive to the Switch

At the time of writing this note, Monster Hunter Rise has already received 122 reviews, so the average rating shared by Metacritic It is 88/100, a figure that equals that seen with the version of the Nintendo Switch.

It is worth mentioning that the highest score for the Steam game is from the media Screen Rant Y Switch Brasil (among others) with 100/100, since they qualify it as the definitive experience of Monster Hunter, while the lowest is 70/100 by IGN France, where they mention the novelties of the game that simplify the experience.

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If you are one of those interested in playing Monster Hunter Rise on your PC, we remind you that you can already pre-purchase it from Steam, where you will also find a free demo to try it as soon as possible.

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What do you expect from this new version? Tell us in the comments.

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