Sunday, December 4

Vinicius wins the bet

AAlthough he left flashes of fantasy, for example against Atalanta and Liverpool in the Champions League, last season could not be the confirmation of Vinicius. He finished with six goals (and seven assists) in his account, a figure that despite exceeding that of the two previous campaigns it was proposed during the summer to spray in the 2021-22. Just like your work team, that he considered that he needed that step forward to sit at the top table.

His staff, within the growth plan drawn up for him, which includes parameters of physical evolution as well as goalscoring production, fixed The objective is 12 targets, an acceptable number in terms of its progression because it is an extreme. The challenge came to Vinicius, he did not comment on anything and he got fully into work. He soon warned of what he would be capable of, scoring in four of the first five days of the League, with five goals in total.

The data of Vinicius in this League.MARK

On December 4, the same goal they had set for him, seeing Real Sociedad at 0-2, Benzema having been injured in San Sebastian, in the midst of a fight for the lead. After a valley of three encounters without wetting and another two at home due to the coronavirus,against Valencia he went to 14 goals. He broke the night with a self-pass followed by a great definition and then with a well-positioned forward header in the area. It was his fourth double since August, after those obtained against Elche, Shakhtar and Levante. And the umpteenth proof that he is a footballer on a plane.

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This is indicated by the data, which indicates how Top assistant (9), second scorer (14) and fifth in minutes (2,136) of Ancelotti’s squad. And the accolades: you’ve been chosen Five Star Player in August, October and November, and LaLiga Player of the Month in November. All this has been felt in different specialized portals: Transfermarkt values ​​him as the third most expensive footballer in the world (100 million euros) and the CIES Football Observatory gives him the highest transfer price estimate (166.4) in the major leagues.

12 specialists to make everything work

Behind this Vinicius principle of success there are 12 persons of the agency that represents him, TFM. It is a group that focuses exclusively on him and is made up of a manager, two manager assistants, a communications manager, a logistics manager, a chef, a physiotherapist, a driver, and four professionals dedicated to his most supportive project, the Vini Jr Institute in his country.

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