Wednesday, August 17

They invent the worst way to play Doom, with our grandparents’ landline phone

Doom is one of the most important classics in the video game world, a title that made the shooters genre take a step forward and that in the middle of 2022 has already been played in a thousand and one ways, from a refrigerator to an ATM passing by other occurrences of the community.

Today we are going to show you Doom on a computer, the platform for which it was conceived, although the way to play it on this occasion is the most particular and uncomfortable that we could imagine since this time we see in several videos how to play Doom … with a rotary landline one of those that we can find in our grandparents’ house and that the youngest of the place may only know it through movies or series.

Greg Smith, a natural programmer from Calgary, has been the one who has wanted to carry out this experiment demonstrating that we can control the shooter idSoftware with this phone … even if it’s an experience that he himself does not recommend. And, to play, you need to turn the disk every time you want to take a step, assigning a number to each direction while the shots are made by hanging up and picking up the phone, a form of game too clumsy for the agility that Doom needs. .

Minecraft mod turns block game into 2016’s Doom

This particular way of playing Doom it is an experiment and not something we want to do. For us, of course, it is much more palatable The Minecraft mod that we talked about yesterday and that turns Mojand’s game into an almost exact recreation of 2016’s Doom and that, this time, is very enjoyable.

What do you think of this experiment?

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