Saturday, October 1

These are the 30 best PS3 games

PlayStation 3 It has recently completed 15 years in the Japanese and American markets, and in March it will be three decades in Europe. Sony’s console had a prolific life of seven years before its successor PS4 arrived, and during that time I enjoyed some masterpieces, both multiplatform games like Bioshock or GTA V, as well as exclusive games like the series Uncharted The The Last of Us.

Video: The 30 Best PS3 Games

In this video we will tell you what the 30 best console games have been in its long history. Some of these games have had versions or remasters on PS4 such as GTA 5, The Last of Us or Bioshock, and many others can be played as in the time of PS3 thanks to the PlayStation Now service.

What is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

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