Friday, November 25

Stage 9 of the Dakar Rally, live

El Rally Dakar 2022 reaches your stage 9, which is a loop in Wadi Ad Dawasir. It is short and comfortable, according to the organization, but it hides ‘traps’. In cars, lead Al-Attiyah before Loeb’s attacks. On motorcycles, rule Sunderland. Sainz and Barreda, for all.

6:28: Barreda and his one-handed piloting

Joan exits. Let’s see how his physique is doing. Yesterday he fell again, his left clavicle came out, the one with a fissure, and he had to drive with one hand during sections at the end of the stage, when he lost. Quite a feat that is still with a chance to win. Today it leaves in a good place to go back and cut

6:26: Sunderland, in front of Quintanilla

Well, the first two to leave are already at km 40 and, surprise, Sam, who started earlier and has no references, puts 20 seconds on Pablo. Let’s see the rest, but this is not a good sign for the Chilean, who yesterday re-enlisted his options to the final triumph

6:20: Yesterday’s photos of the classics

They evoke fear. And ASO

6:14: There are only half the quads left

They started the Dakar 20 and have dropped out 10, like Toni Vingut from Ibiza. They resist 10, like Lex Feli. Lead Giroud

6:11: Car hours

The cars will start at 8:05 AM PST. Ekstrom be the first. The first 10 will also depart every 3 minutes. Sainz leaves fourth, at 8:14

6:08: Kevin Benavides, on the link

Yesterday the gas pump failed and that is why he lost time in the end. Today you can attack. The last winner is not ruled out

6:00: The motorcycles leave

The leader, Sunderland, the first to go. Play revlida for him to open track and opportunity for the rest to cut him. The first 10 start every 3 minutes, every 2 from 10 to 20 and each thereafter. Barreda leaves 10 and Santolino, 20

Stage 9 of the 2022 Dakar Rally is one of the shortest. It is 287 kilometers, in a loop around Wadi Ad Dawasir. Theoretically, it will be one of the most comfortable stages of the Dakar Rally (its director, David Castera, also warned about this) … but this race can hide a surprise around any corner. And, above all, because we are already in the decisive days of the race. The sand tracks and the dunes will be the main terrain for the survivors of the Dakar 2022. There will be difficult navigation areas between valleys and also fast tracks where the average can climb mixed with more technical areas, almost trials. Sand, earth, dunes and stone, in this order, will be the terrain through which the stage will move.

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