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Sonic is the most popular video game character on the internet according to a study

The rankings on popularity of the icons of the world of videogames are always controversial and give rise to much debate. Obviously, each of us has our favorite characters that have marked, at some point, our lives, which does not mean that there are “figures” within this great world of video games that are more important or popular.

Precisely, today we bring you a Techtalk study (which you can access clicking here) in which they have analyzed search volumes on the internet, posts on Instagram and other aspects to discover the most important video game character on the web.

The result is that Sonic, the well-known blue hedgehog, is the most popular of all with 6.7 million searches per month, being accompanied on the podium by Pikachu with 3.7 million searches (although a leader in publications in networks) and by Pac-Man with 3 million searches.

Y dnde is Mario? You will ask many. Well, the iconic Nintendo character is in the fourth position of this ranking with a volume of 2.1 million searches and, to close the TOP 5, we find Big Boss, the character created by Hideo Kojima who stands out from the previous ones with 712,500 monthly searches. Here are the TOP 15:

  • 1. Sonic
  • 2. Pikachu
  • 3. Pac-Man
  • 4. Mario
  • 5. Big Boss
  • 6. Luigi
  • 7. Lara Croft
  • 8. Kratos
  • 9. Yoshi
  • 10. Diablo
  • 11. Donkey Kong
  • 12. Chun-Li
  • 13. Bowser
  • 14. Cortana
  • 15. Sephiroth

Joker, the world’s most popular celebrity of superheroes

This studio also ranks celebrities from the world of superheroes that is so closely related to that of video games. In this case, the first classified is, curiously, a villain, Joker, with Spider-Man in second place and Black Panther in third. Here are the TOP 15 in this case:

  • 1. Joker
  • 2. Spider-Man
  • 3. Black Panther
  • 4. Wonder Woman
  • 4. Iron Man
  • 6. Batman
  • 7. Harley Quinn
  • 8. Thor
  • 9. Deadpool
  • 10. Aquaman
  • 11. Superman
  • 12. Capitn Amrica
  • 13. Wolverine
  • 14. Black Widow
  • 15. The Flash

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