Friday, November 25

RHOSLC: Mary Cosby Slams Reality TV Amid Layoff Rumors

Mary Cosby has spoken out against reality TV amid rumors that she was fired from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Mary Cosby has been speaking out against reality television amid rumors that she was fired from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. After leaving the season 2 reunion, Mary may be kicked out of the show. With Andy Cohen setting a rule years ago that cast members can’t skip the meeting or risk getting fired, Mary is looking to follow in Adrienne Maloof’s footsteps and get the pink sheet. Amid all the speculation, Mary is hinting that she’s done with the show and reality TV in general.

Last week the ladies of RHOSLC they teamed up to film the season 2 reunion. But one star of the show was conspicuously absent. Andy confirmed that Mary was the one who decided to skip the meeting. The First Lady of the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church was to be asked questions related to all the drama she was involved in during the season. Between being accused of leading a service at her church and making a series of racially insensitive comments, Mary had a lot to talk about. However, instead of facing her issues head-on, Mary chose not to participate and violated an important contractual obligation that could get her kicked out of the franchise for good.

With Mary being the talk of the town, he decided to break his silence with a message that completely wrecked reality TV. Mary shared two crypticsFood for thought “ posts on his Instagram page. “Watching TV lowers IQ. And it also increases the rudeness.“Said the statement of Dr. Marcia Sirota. He went on to describe reality television as “fast food” that “it rots our teeth and makes us sick.“On a second slide, another quote referred to how reality television”shows a negative impact on our children“. Some characteristics include bullying, aggression, and “unhealthy competition“with others. Mary’s chosen post suggests that she may have ended her two-season career as a reality star.

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Considering everything she faced, the church pastor probably couldn’t handle the heat. One of her former church members appeared on the show and told Lisa Barlow that Mary ran her church as a cult. She claimed that she begged her congregation for money on the pretext that she is like a prophet and that supporting her financially is doing God’s will. Elsewhere on the show, Mary faced backlash for comparing Jen Shah to a “mexican thug“And congratulate Jennie Nguyen on her”slanted eyes.

When confronted about her racist statements, Mary became extremely defensive and was unapologetic. On social media, Mary apologized for her “Mexican bully” comments and claimed not to be racist. But the damage is already done. Between her callous comments about the show, her cult accusations, and the fact that Mary didn’t attend the season 2 reunion, it seems her time at The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has come to an end. Mary seems to liken it to eliminating “junk food” from her diet. There’s a lot of crap that came naturally out of your mouth in season 2 though, so you might want to work on that during your spare time.

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