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Red Dead Online Community Regrets Few Updates and Charges Against Rockstar

The outlaws of Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2They have put themselves on the warpath. The user community has been organized under the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline for voice your complaints about the lack of updates and expansions; as well as to charge against Rockstar’s silence and poor communication. That is why they encourage the studio to take full advantage of the complex open world that the title enjoys, to get more out of it. For example, we are still waiting to know if Mexico will end up being added as an expansion: for now, fans have come to access through glitches or creating a mod themselves.

#SaveRedDeadOnline, players ask to save the Wild West

The user base of Red Dead Online has decided to camp on Twitter to express his frustration at the lack of content. A discontent that is entrenched especially after GTA Online recently received The Contract, a free history update. Conversely, the online mode of the Wild West game receives only weekly updates that are far from the complexity of an expansion proper.

In fact, the last content update Red Dead Online received was Blood Money in July 2021, which served to delve into the criminal world of gambling. So the general feeling among users is that Rockstar is supporting GTA Online content more than the Wild West. “We need good updates to the style GTA Online with blows, activities and new stories, “he pointed out for example @osquiviry9 and Twitter.

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“We need good GTA Online-style updates”

Another point to be discussed by users is Rockstar’s communication strategy: lack of communication from the study, the absence of a clear content roadmap that determines exactly what to expect from the game or greater transparency with users are other issues that have been brought to the table. “It is about time that @RockstarGames be pronounced “, indicated the account @RDRSpain.”Either they are preparing something very fat, or they are letting the game die. But let them say something to their fans. We are in our right “.

At the moment, Rockstar has not commented on the matter.

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