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“Reality is harsh and sad,” streamer recounts what life is like after Twitch | Levelup

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Without a doubt, more and more young people want to be famous streamers and succeed on Twitch. After all, the idea of ​​earning thousands of dollars playing video games or chatting with viewers is attractive to say the least. However, many of these people are unaware that the road to success is full of obstacles and extremely exhausting. There is also little talk about the quality of life of content creators who, for one reason or another, left the streaming platform.

In that sense, a reddit user, who says he was a Twitch streamer for 8 long years, wanted to share his story of how he invested dozens of hours on the platform and how that affected his mental health. He also talked about how difficult it was to get a job after finishing his internet career.

“My channel and mental state started to decline quite quickly.”

Reddit user ButterflyOne6843 stated at the beginning of his post that he spent the last 8 years of his life as a Twitch streamer / youtuber. He explains that he worked an average of 12 hours a day and had no days off to rest.

The streamer, who did not reveal his real name or nickname on the Amazon platform, explains that little by little he began to lose interest in the games he used to play and the passion for broadcasting.

ButterflyOne6843 also relates that while she built a fairly large fan base and earned enough income to have a good lifestyle, she was a long way from getting the money to retire or live without financial worries for the rest of her days.

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“I was fed up with the instability of working as a streamer, since one month it could generate $ 10,000 USD and another month closer to $ 2,000 USD. No benefits, no overtime, no medical care, and no Twitch support. My channel and mental state started to decline pretty quickly, ”explained the content creator.

“Not a single company considered me as a potential employee”

After losing interest in the platform and noticing his mental state beginning to wane, the content creator decided to quit Twitch and instead focused on hitting the gym and fixing relationships he neglected over the years.

ButterflyOne6843 said she lived off her savings for a year and a half, but then it was time to get a regular job. He explains with, delusionally, he thought that companies would hire him quickly thanks to his experience in publishing and his growth on a platform like Twitch.

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However, the content creator claims that no company hired him. “Not a single company considered me a potential employee for the jobs I did for almost a decade, after hundreds of applications and a solidly written resume (…) I received maybe 4 job offers after all applications, 2 of the offers were from pyramid schemes and the other 2 were somehow trying to put me on a 1099 ”.

“I’m not trying to complain or feel sorry, I just want people to realize how toxic the life cycle of a Twitch streamer can really be. Only creators who can earn money for retirement get any value, and there are only a few dozen of them. “

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Lastly, ButterflyOne6843 acknowledges that reality is harsh and sad as it wishes Twitch the worst. He concludes his post with a pretty strong statement: “I wish I hadn’t gotten involved (with Twitch) as a teenager.”

There is no doubt that the dream of being a streamer is very striking, but very few people manage to be successful enough to make a living from that profession. In fact, high-profile content creators like Auronplay and Ibai Llanos urged their community not to drop out of school to pursue their dream of succeeding on Twitch.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Let us read you in the comments.

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