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PS5 restocking on the GameStop store is scheduled for this week: date and how to get your console

If you’re hoping to get a PS5 refill to kick off the new year, you might be in luck. GameStop is reportedly gearing up to hold a PS5 restocking in the store this week. This would be the retailer’s first PS5 console release in 2022.

The news of this possible resupply comes from @PS5restocks_etc On twitter. The account isn’t the largest replenishment tracker out there, but it does have a solid track record when it comes to reliability. The account is currently tipping GameStop for a PS5 in-store restock at select locations on Friday, January 14.

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Well-known resupply tracker Matte slider It’s also hinted that a GameStop PS5 restock might be on the way soon. It is currently unknown if both trackers are talking about the same drop. Either way, GameStop has yet to confirm any drops, so for now, these tips should be taken with care just in case.

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If a GameStop PS5 restock occurs in store this week, it will likely start from each individual store’s opening time (which could be as early as 8 a.m. local time), but expect shoppers to eager to start queuing to buy the console long before. is.

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As it is now the standard with GameStop PS5 reruns, the console will almost certainly only be available in pre-built bundles. These bundles will likely contain PS5 games, additional controllers, digital credit, and a GameStop gift card. GameStop always charges the combined retail price of the items within their packages, so at least you won’t get a price increase.

Previous GameStop reruns in the store did not require customers to be PowerUp Reward Pro members. However, some previous PS5 reruns in the store have been exclusively for customers with a Pro membership. It might be worth getting signed up now just in case.

While we wait to see if this rumored GameStop PS5 restocking in the store actually happens, be sure to check out our PS5 restock hub for the latest updates. We can’t guarantee you a machine, but it will help make the job of tracking a next-gen console a little more manageable.

PS5 resupply tracker: stores to check

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