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Pros and Casuals Divided by The Mangler on Halo Infinite | Levelup

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If you are a regular at multiplayer of Halo Infinite You surely know the effectiveness and lethality of The Magler, an 8-shot pistol created by the Outcasts. For many players, it is one of the most important weapons, especially when they only enter to play for fun and have a good time, however, the situation is opposite for those who play competitively and today The Mangler is a reason for division in the community.

¿ Nerfear o no nerfear The Mangler en Halo Infinite?

In recent days, the multiplayer community of Halo Infinite He has come into conflict over the possible nerf of The Mangler, a pistol that has become famous among players for its effectiveness since practically 3 shots are enough to kill any player. Being a powerful weapon, it became a support element for casual gamers, but at the same time it has earned the scorn of the competitive and professional who have asked 343 Industries to apply the nerf as soon as possible.

This situation generated controversy in social networks and forums, where casual gamers of Halo Infinite ask 343i to keep The Mangler as it is in response to professionals or experts who insist that the effectiveness and lethality of this weapon could even be considered a bug.

343i has already taken note of the community’s opinion, but has not acted on it

So far, 343 Industries confirmed that it has taken note of both positions and the development team is discussing how best to act on them. While is true that Halo Infinite It has an important competitive scene, it is also that this new installment has been very well received by many players and has freed all the controversy that has been experienced in recent years about the franchise so do something that goes against these same users it could backfire.

What’s your opinion about it?

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