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Phil Spencer regretted party made by Xbox with hostesses at GDC 2016 | Levelup

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The history of Xbox has been one of ups and downs, but over 20 years it has managed to position itself as one of the most important brands, and proposals, in video games. However, one of the darkest passages for Xbox, which even made you think of the ending, was during the early part of the Xbox One cycle where everything that could be done wrong was done that way and recently Phil Spencer spoke about what to do. he was a turning point that changed everything.

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At GDC 2016, Xbox threw a party and hired hostesses, a highly criticized event

During an interview with The New York Times (via The Gamer), Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and vice president of the games division of Microsoft, spoke about one of the most embarrassing moments of the brand and what ended up being a full stop to mark the way up. This event is about the party that Xbox held during GDC 2016, which was attended by hostesses with erotic outfits and which was highly criticized at the time, especially because the brand seemed to be aimless.

In that sense, Phil Spencer pointed out: “that was a painful moment in our Xbox history.”

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The GDC 2016 party was the point and apart of the current Xbox era

However, true to his positive outlook and motivation to change things, the head of Xbox considered it a momentous moment in the history of the brand because from there the idea of ​​respecting and assimilating diversity took hold: “some of the things that make me proud of that is how we got ahead, the work we did as a team. I think we are stronger now because of that event and it’s not that I would choose to repeat it if I had that option. Representation in our teams, who are the voices who are making decisions that they are leading is critical not only to our long-term team dynamics but also to long-term business dynamics and those 2 things are closely linked. If you’re talking about video games that tell stories and share empathy with each other. different groups, then the voices that are telling these stories that are making decisions about what content appears, what content is correct, have a choice. e be diverse in the broadest sense of that word so that we can achieve the goals we have in video games. “

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After such an embarrassing moment at GDC 2016, the die was cast for Xbox, but not to sink but to move forward because in September 2017, Phil Spencer took the lead and the rest is history.

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