Friday, September 30

Microsoft to shut down Forza Street servers in spring

Force he has earned by his own merits being one of the most important driving sagas of the video game world both in a terrain closer to simulation such as the “original” series, and within the more arcade titles with the subsaga Forza Horizon.

Seen the success of Force in these two areas, Microsoft decided to try their luck also in the field of driving video games for mobile devices throwing Come on Street for PC and later for iOS and Android. A free game with which they tried to replicate the success of the saga with a more casual formula.

However on this occasion the game has not achieved the success that usually accompanies the Forza, which has meant that Microsoft has announced that shutting down servers needed to play it during the next spring, without giving a definitive date but ensuring that these will be the last months in which its players will be able to enjoy it.

Also, as a final climax to life on Forza Street, the Redmonds have posted an update With a new car, a shorter time needed to recover energy, the possibility of obtaining more easily the rarest cars in the game and, in terms of business model, they have deactivated microtransactions and will return the money that players spent on content for the game in the last month.

Forza Horizon 5 has been a success

Despite the stumble of Come on Street the truth is Microsoft’s driving saga is a success that has swept Xbox consoles and PC. If we look at its latest delivery, Forza Horizon 5, the title developed by Playground Games managed to gather more than 8 million players during its first week, something that does not surprise us since as we said in our analysis it is about “one of the best driving arcade you can find“.

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